Window coverings, whether it be curtains or blinds, can add value to your home in a number of ways, from added privacy to insulation to design. When choosing your new curtains, you must consider all styles and what functions would benefit you - and your home - the most.

Before we look at the many benefits, we will explore curtains vs blinds - a key question that many of us ask when redesigning our home. Although this decision will ultimately come down to personal preference, it is valuable to know the features of both for an informed choice. The key considerations are the size of your room, the function of the space and what look you want to achieve.

Looking to curtains or blinds for patio doors, conservatories and loft windows, blinds usually work best. With patio doors, blinds offer a sleek, neat solution to create privacy and block out light. As they do not take up too much space and are extremely functional, they are a convenient option for doors and conservatories, where space may be limited and a lot of coverage is needed. That being said, opting for blinds does not mean that you must compromise on design. Quite the opposite, with Couture Living offering thousands of stunning designs for every taste. For the playful among you, our blinds configurator lets you tailor every aspect of the design, from custom-sizing to lining to fabric.

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For smaller spaces, blinds work well as they take up very little space and can be installed within a recess or windowsill. The look will be stylish and understated, without interfering too much with the wider room design. Blinds offer a number of functional benefits, whilst also being an affordable option. Our complete blinds measuring guide can be found here.

Looking to curtains, they are a great solution to add luxury and style to your home, with designs available to suit all interiors. Working hard to block out draughts as well as offering blackout options, curtains offer function as well as luxe. The increased insulation not only keeps in the heat during colder months, but also lowers costs and acts as an environmentally friendly solution.

Due to the wide variety of curtain designs and fabrics available, curtains suit any interior design scheme. The opulent look also creates a cosy, homely feel and can be used to update any room in your home. If you want the functionalities of both blinds and curtains, or you just can’t decide, then combining the two can create an extremely functional yet stylised look. Consider pairing plain blinds with a pattern curtain for an eye-catching juxtaposition.

Due to the complexities of curtains, we will look at each benefit in detail, exploring the functions, designs and what works well in particular rooms or interior design schemes.

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Privacy and security

Starting with the most important function of curtains is added privacy for your home, whatever the situation. Adding a barrier between you and the outside world also creates a feeling of safety and adds to the security of your home. For homes with ground floor windows overlooked by people, interlined curtains offer a great opaque solution that is both useful and luxurious in appearance, as seen above with our Casamance Habana Luz fabric . Although functional, your curtains do not need to sacrifice good design that enhances your room’s overall look and feel. Our fabrics collection features over 13,000 stunning designs with something for every interior scheme, from country home to sleek modernist homes.


As personal wellbeing continues to be a popular talking topic throughout society, people have also started placing more importance on their own rest and sleep. Ensuring that outside light pollution does not filter into your home, blackout curtains ensure a restful environment in bedrooms and encourage a full, deep sleep. In addition to the potential health benefits, blackouts are also great for rooms where relaxation and intimacy are required, or where you need to keep out light for activities like watching TV. Blackout curtains can be used during both night and day, when they can be used to protect valuable furniture from the sun’s harsh glare. When creating your new curtains, you can add the blackout option to create a completely custom design for your living room, bedroom or study.

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While curtains add a design edge to your home, they are also economical and act as a great insulator against draughts. As up to 50% of heat loss happens via your windows, it is important to consider a pair of curtains that will hold the heat in (or out) and keep your bills low. Not all fabrics are suited to thermal curtains, so look for a design that can be interlined for extra thickness. Another technique is to hang your curtains outside of your window recess, ensuring ultimate coverage and draught exclusion. An added benefit to thick, insulated curtains is noise protection, softening outside sounds for a tranquil, quiet home, as seen above with our Gardenia design by Romo.


Rounding off our list of benefits are the design enhancements that curtains bring. Due to the customisable opportunities, your window coverings are an easy, inexpensive and fun way to display your personality and style. In rooms that need more detailing, you can use your curtains to create a focal point that is not only stunning but functional. Instead of a feature wall, opt for a pair of plush, customised curtains that catch the eye while making your home feel more inviting.

When coordinating your curtain design to the rest of the room, a great tip is to match colours within the fabric to other soft details around the room such as a rug or cushions. With curtains or blinds in bedroom spaces, matching them to your bedding will create a feeling of design know-how as well as being comforting.

Whether your are seeking the ultimate functional creation or looking to enhance your home’s design, curtains are an easy and impactful solution. Our visualiser tool allows you to create your own bespoke curtains, with options for additional features and linings. Meanwhile, our fabrics page features thousands of stunning designs, ready to be handmade to fit your home. When choosing your curtains, keep in mind the look that you want to achieve, the style of your home and most importantly, the feel that you wish to create.